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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 24, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> i am al hunt. >> i am phil mattingly. tonight, washington is taking over. >> the student has become the teacher. pope francis spoke to congress. a little something for everyone
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in his remarks. concerns foride my the family, threatened as perhaps never before. the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all. the golden rule also reminds us protectesponsibility to and defend human life at every stage of development. this conviction has led me from to beginning of my ministry advocate at different levels the
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end of the death penalty. >> what was your take away? of it all.sty i have been covering joint phil was afore young his parents himself, the members were well behaved. no one gave him a high five. a press gallery packed, floor full, extraordinary moment. pegverybody is trying to him into the political spheres. that is not necessary the message he is trying to convey. what was his message? >> he is a spiritual man. it was interesting, the reaction.
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house andched the senators, the democratic side which are first, then the republicans would go on. the message about the poor, immigration, income inequality, death penalty. he is rebalancing the catholic church in america. >> one-word answer, he spoke about pragmatism. does this have an effect on the policy. >> no, sadly. >> optimism from al hunt. to big-time, joe biden and john boehner. both of these men face wrenching decisions in the days ahead. who needs more divine intervention? >> they need divine guidance.
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john boehner may face of potential shutdown. joe biden has to make the decision whether to run for president or not, still grieving over the loss of his son. face difficult choices. both are devout catholics. i think they will have a tough couple of weeks. john boehner has tried for two decades to get the pope to washington dc. you can see it on his face. recognizing on top of this day, so amazing for him, tomorrow private meetings with lawmakers to figure out a way to keep the government open. i wonder how he deals with that come down. >> he cried today. i want to say that i love the fact he cried.
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he showed his emotions. i was choked up when i saw the holy father walked down that aisle. -- toughvery chuffed challenge. >> government shutdown? >> i think not. enough moderate republicans. outow many stories come about how this was the pope's doing. ? >> you started it already. >> you have to check out this new old. in second.p carson fiorina on the rise. countrymericans say the is failing or falling behind. this isn't exactly news, these three rising, anti-establishment tied. what stood out to you? floor, buts a solid
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i'm not sure the ceiling is much higher. obviously it is better to be in the front, but 21%, higher in other polls. carly fiorina got the expected bounce. let me say something that surprises me. i had been a real bear on jeb bush and remain a real bear on jeb bush. i don't think the party is ready for another bush. he is holding steady. that struck me. >> i was stunned by one element of ben carson's rise, favorability numbers. marco rubio is right beneath him, 60% favorability. not doing the poll numbers that everyone wanted him to do. he attacked trump today. he has a big appearance on fox soon. when you hit prime time, it's
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a different standard. we will see if he is ready for big-league pitching. he is well positioned, but he has to win something early. where? i'm not sure. rubioay, he called marco a boy. started to is that a winning strategy? >> you can't ignore him when he attacks you. ocean, and aacific deal that he made. we asked people about a lot of issues. in 10 americans set a wall should be built not just in mexico, but also with canada. >> what?
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a wall? canada? >> are these people you know? i've been trying to unpack this all day. a logic perspective, but i have nothing to say to this. should havewalker stayed in the race because he found his base. why would people want a wall with canada? >> i don't think they do. i think they say that. why not canada, too? it is a silly, ridiculous proposition. >> do you think people find hockey offensive? >> and don't forget the toronto blue jays. iswhat the interesting thing
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, and this parlays into what we have seen with ben carson's comments, there will be these outlier numbers. vein thatpping into a and using that to rise a little bit? >> that was certainly the case with trump. we are seeing it with carson. that is a vein that has limits. people get more serious and it does not have as much appeal. >> that's a high number. people frombout newfoundland too. >> beware of canada. , to people who know about faith in america will tell us about what they think of the papal visit to america. make america great again after this. ♪
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>> our guests are the former u.s. ambassador to the vatican and the executive director of network. i was talking to a priest a couple of days ago and trying to get a sense of things. he said there is one thing you can take to the bank, pope francis will say something that affirms and challenges everybody watching his remarks. what was one thing that affirmed and challenged you? >> i think what got affirmed was the idea we have to move away from polarized politics and move together with respect to immigration and immigration reform. tohought about him speaking
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a nation of immigrants and about himself as an immigrant was a key point. the challenge is the challenge of bridging divides. i know in my heart that i want everyone to join me and come my way, but what he was saying is that to move forward we have to find common ground, work for that common good, bigger than my own personal view. that is a challenge for all of us. >> i don't agree with what sister said, but one thing that i like was that he started with we are theon, saying land of the free and the home of the brave, and he affirmed our american values system, which i was glad to hear. it was his first visit to our country. that now you say have these values in place, and
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you have been using them, but we need to do more, and he kind of touched his points of poverty, immigration, ecology and so high, but he did that in a spiritual way. i think it was right on point. >> i was just going to follow up , he wasd the ambassador passionate about immigration. he said he was a son of immigrants. you worked for george bush, who was a strong champion of immigration. will have an effect on the dialogue? that we have rule of law here. we have a problem with immigrants. we all know that. no one has come up with the school solution yet about how to
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solve that in deal with all the people that are here, but i think he does have sufficient concern and passion about that that he would allow himself to be involved in that in some way if he thought it could be useful. >> i interrupted you. i apologize. point, i got to sit , and wecindy mccain were talking about the challenge that senator mccain faces in trying to bridge the divide within his own party and how much he really cares about immigration reform, but he is apparently being challenged in the coming election in primaries. that effort is not just between parties, but among all of us to find ways to move forward, so what i think we have to do, with the pope did so well, with speak to our best selves, our vision of who we are, that idea we can
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have a dream. is his call, to be our better selves so that we move towards solving our problems. jim, it was remarkable before americans he chose to celebrate, abraham lincoln, martin luther social activists , and one other. what did you make of it? >> i thought they were great metaphors for the points he was trying to make and the inspiration he was trying to be bigger really though, i think his talk was right on the gospel -- out of the gospel. we all have a duty to help her neighbor, but the golden rule in and use these americans to
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illustratere with their lives with they were able to do -- to lives whatwith their they were able to do. anday was such an activist engaged with the poor, which is what our lives are about as catholic sisters. the contemplation and contemplative way, and the way the pope translated it into dialogue. another piece that struck me was that out on the balcony i understand he invited everyone to pray for him and then said for those of you who do not have faith, could you just send me your good wishes? he included everyone in his care and invited their care for him. i thought that was an effort to unite in a world that wants to divide. >> you are looking at pictures
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of the pope arriving in new york city. he travels to philadelphia after that. there is a misconception that the catholic population in the united states has fallen, but that is not true. there are 30 million who were raised catholic that don't identify now. there has been a dramatic reduction in priests in the last 30 years. how much of the pope's mission is, not to recruit, but have an impact on the catholic population, those wavering in the united states of america? >> our church has been seriously divided. painfulve been a lot of times, including the catholic sisters in the united states. we have been on these bus trips, and i have met so many people that used to be catholic. i'm sort of catholic, but don't go to church so much. nursed bythemselves his pastoral approach, room for
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everyone, can have disagreements, sit at the table and be faithful. is agenda is to deal with our divisions and heal those, then we might have changed. >> we have not talked about his views on capitalism, income equality. that unsettled some members of your party, doesn't it? >> it does, and does me. gave flying back to rome after he left south america was a pretty stinging indictment of the capitalist business model. it was totally centered on profit, total expense of the poor. there was some paragraph that he deleted that was critical, but he didn't deliver that. >> i'm glad he didn't.
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isi can hope that he changing his mind after 48 hours in this great experiment of capitalism and what it is been able to do for so many people. about 8% of the people in the , excuse me,tholic about 8% of the people in the united states. 8% of the catholics are in the united states, but we provide over half of the material support to the operations. the world food program, the united states provides two thirds every day, feeding 24 million people a day. that comes from a system that is able to produce that kind of wherewithal so that we can share. thatthink his critique is it is not that. he knows we are agentless people. hugeritique is the increase in the division between those at the very top and those at the bottom, and that skating and shocking truth is that
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people working full-time in our nation at this point cannot support their families on their wages. he spoke to that just a little bit in the speech today, the fact that the average ceo's salary of a publicly traded company is $10 million at year, in threeis equivalent hours to what minimum wage workers make at the bottom. it is in the system, the regulation. what do we have to do? he is calling us to to create something new. >> i think he was talking about growth and the importance of jobs and progress, families, and what that does to human dignity. out ofy get that economic opportunity, and people being willing to take a risk, sister, and be willing to invest their money. >> i totally agree. ambassador jim nicholson,
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sister simone campbell, i want to thank you guys very much. great day today. we will be right back with some exciting local news. ♪
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>> a friendly bloomberg politics fyi, the pope is in new york. he was already in your town or he is coming soon. anticipation, america's finest, tv news anchors, were all over the story. >> hope and ammonium. -- hope pandemonium. >> hope mania. we're shutting down the ramps. >> papal gridlock. >> there is no way around it. >> this is the calm before the storm. >> the pope picked a good one. >> with the secret service only
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today about umbrellas. can you bring them through the perimeter? >> he is shaking folks in front of me. i'm going to get a selfie. check it out. where is the pope? >> friday is a day when the should remember that patience is a virtue. on friday, pope francis will celebrate mass with nearly 20,000 people at madison square garden. >> the garden. >> it will be fun here. >> it sits on top of an station. >> how are you going to move? >> i don't think anybody should be allowed in new york city. >> i swore i would not say pandemonium, and they put it in the script anyway. they got me. >> those people and the scripts, you don't know what is in them. traffic.
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when we come back, john boehner. ♪
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>> i maintain that one of the best parts of the day it was phase.g john boehner's we had a camera rolling while he was waiting for the pope, waiting, and waiting. take a look. ♪ >> [indiscernible] ♪ that's basically what happens
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